Paragon Terminators - Salamander

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Paragon Terminators, created by the Lord of Iron, and introduced in small numbers shortly before the onset on the Heresy.

Blending the speed and agility of Tartaros with the heavy protective plating of Cataphractii the bearers were night unstoppable.

The catch however, was in order to achieve the level of maneuverability afforded by the suit, the wearer would have to be surgically implanted - their legs removed and replaced with artificer grade bionics.

Due to this, these suits were often reserved for Marines that had suffered severe battlefield wounds. Marines unfortunate enough to also lose hands and arms would be given the “privilege” of going to war armed with chain fists, the weapon encompassing the entirety of their forearm.

This Bundle will allow you to create a set of 5 "Salamander" Paragon Terminators.

All models are equipped with Hammers and Shields.

All parts are 3D printed in resin, come unpainted and may require some clean up and assembly. Original files created by Ayphyrion Miniatures.