Ares - Civitas Base wall - Wide Walkway walls

Ares - Civitas Base wall - Wide Walkway walls

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A pack of two walls with wide bridge connector to upgrade your Civitas.

This walkway set is wide enough to allow Questoris knights to cross!

Fully compatible with existing plastic kits from a certain large company, or with our expanding range of resin prints! Begin building the metropolis you want.

The bridge connectors have magnet holes to allow for longer bridges - also, no more awkward storage and accidental breakage!

This product will need the addition of the wide walkway pack to connect across a gap.

8mm scale terrain ideally suited for systems such as Epic and Adeptus Titanicus. 

All parts are 3D printed in resin, come unpainted and may require some assembly. Original files created by Grimdark Terrain.

This kit includes 2x Wall w/ wide bridge connectors.

Measurements (LxWxH);

Wall; 67mm x 25mm x 40mm (43mm to rails)